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A Bit About Pastel...

PASTEL is a Community Interest Company - "it does what it says on the tin". It is a social enterprise - a business with a social aim. We aim to support the less fortunate in and around rural East Suffolk. We aim to  be self-sustaining in the longer term, but still rely on periodic donations and grants.

Al the directors and members of the Management Committee are volunteers. Apart from session workers, there are no paid staff.

We are based in Saxmundham.

The PASTEL Saturday Club - originally set up in 2005, by Carers and initially developed with the assistance of a Big Lottery Fund grant. We felt that people with learning disabilities, living in rural East Suffolk experience a triple whammy - their impairment, the ignorance of others and then the fact that they live in a rural area with few amenities.

We are a team of around 25 volunteers, generating over 2,500 volunteer hours a year - supporting people with not only learning disabilities and Carers now, but also those with mental health issues.


IT Club

Sax IT Club

Visit the Sax IT Club website, also held at the Fromus Centre.




Visit the SMILE Cafe website, also held at the Fromus Centre.