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News & Events


Sept - Dec, 2014






Having reflected on these PASTEL activities - including discussing the risk assessments and likes and dislikes - the PASTEL Saturday Club members are now moving on to their autumn / winter programme, working towards the PASTEL Christmas Party!

This period will see the PASTEL Saturday Club team developing more knowledge and skills with developments in arts & crafts, cooking, gardening and singing - all with a Christmas theme!


Grand Day Out -



This year TEAM PASTEL’s GRAND DAY OUT was a train journey into deepest Suffolk where we had a very enjoyable day in Halesworth.  Our adventure started at the Fromus Centre from where we walked to Saxmundham railway station. Here we boarded the Lowestoft Express on the East Suffolk line. 

After our very exiting train journey, we explored the station with its unique moveable platforms, then we visited Halesworth Museum.  Here there were some interesting exhibits relating to the First World War as well as some 1970’s memorabilia which the Pastel Team found fascinating.

Our travels then took us to the town park where we enjoyed a picnic and also met some of the locals with their unusual dogs! After lunch we ventured into ‘Downtown’ Halesworth where we explored the local shops, library and cafés.  The Team was very impressed with the town but unfortunately had to leave to catch the train back to sunny Saxmundham.

Team Pastel, without a doubt, had a fantastic and action packed ‘Grand Day Out’.

Fromus Centre Open Day -

July 19th



We had a great day on July 19th with the PASTEL team turning out to give a fantastic public performance of their own Morris dance. This was captured on video which will shortly be edited and uploaded onto YouTube.

For a full report on the Fromus Centre free Family Fun Afternoon,

please click here.

Jan - Jun,






The PASTEL Saturday Club started the New Year with an exciting communications project. The group was split into 2 competing teams to think of a new product and then to promote it. First, They had to design the product packaging. Then they had to produce a TV advertising idea with a script. And finally thae had to act in, and film, their advert. The adverts can be seen on YouTube.

Once completed, the team switched to devising their own Morris dance and costumes for a public performance in July.The team choose to work on a cooking theme and named themselves as " Cookhouse Morris".

In between all this challenging and stimulating activity, the team also managed to fit in some food preparation and cooking exercises. Not surprising, they also wanted to sample the ouputs!





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