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Members said they like PASTEL workshops because...

•"I make new friends"
•"I can get away from my sisters"
•"I like playing games"
•"I liked making a film"
•"I like doing plays"
•"There are different things to do and make friends"
•"It boosts my confidence"
•"I learn things"
•"I like being in a team"
•"It gives me something to do on a Saturday"

And some things they say they have learnt...

•"Not everybody thinks the same"
•"Not everybody understands what you're saying"
•"Be more quiet"
•"To listen more"
•"Hygiene and cooking food"
•"Speaking in front of an audience"
•"Working as a team"
•"Dancing - it makes me feel better"
•"Making movies and drama makes me feel good"

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